The Bitcoin symbol will now appear on the shirt sleeve of Premier League football club Watford for the entirety of the 2019/2020 season, and the team will also accept the cryptocurrency for merchandise purchases. The sponsorship will be crowdfunded and anyone can bid Bitcoin to access a public LED space shown live during matches and exclusive Watford FC merchandise.

Several Premier League clubs are experimenting cryptocurrency for player transfers, as announced last year, but Bitcoin as a currency to buy merchandise with on match days is a first in UK football. Premier League football bosses can pay for the best players in bitcoins. Since 2018 seven top-flight clubs launched cryptocurrency trials. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, launched to become decentralized currencies, have no physical form and exist only as strings of computer code. Millions of investors bought bitcoin in recent years, prompting prices to soar. Financiers say that they are now more akin to commodities than currencies.

French soccer club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) revealed in September of 2018 that it is partnering with blockchain platform The main outcome of the partnership is to launch a Fan Token Offering that will give fans access to Saint-German club tokens.