Safety and Security are two major pillars for a successful sports event. Security leaders plan for possible scenarios and use technology to work out a safety system for fans, players/athletes, and VIPs. From the arrival of fans in the parking lot to their exit back to the parking lot is a full loop that involves multiple security factors that is designed to be subtle but its success is essential to the success of the whole event.

Effective communication and cooperation among the various security and safety agencies is directed and maintained using the latest form of technology. 5G connection can ensure everything comes through with no wasted time of buffering. The next World Cup, Qatar 2022, is already hosted in a country that has had 5G for years now. The following will be here in the United States, where 5G is in the works or possibly 6G (most likely not).

The latest success of the 2019 Club World Cup on Doha proved that using the latest form of communication and technology can be a critical point for a successful mega event, although this was more of a practice run for 2022, safety was not an issue for fans and the sense of a secure cup was well shown. Communication between various sectors should never be interrupted or have any downtime.