“In most of the world, the virus is not under control,” WHO director-general Ghebreyesus said last week. “It is getting worse.” Its not a wave like other pandemics, but a virus that never went away and doesn’t look it has any plans to leave anytime soon.

The effect on health is more or less the same regardless of how we try to get back to our normal lives. California is going back to phase I from phase III, closing down restaurants, cinemas, and bars. Limiting gathering, and the list goes on. Still just middle of July and states are already deciding on going back to school on an online-only system. Some are offering a hybrid system (two days at school, three at home), but none so far decided on a full going back to school system.

The state of Virginia’s high school football won’t return this fall regardless of any Coronavirus phases or waves. This is a decision; already made in Mid July. Sports as we know, even on the youth level is no longer the same. La Liga, Premiere League and others needed to return to finish a halted season, but how will they plan for a new season is still not decided and probably won’t be for weeks to come. Some major universities scrapped teams for the next school year (remember, we are still in summer). How will the fall changes these decisions, the outcome does not look so optimistic for sports.