Almost every company needs to have some sort of plan with respect to Artificial Intelligence. The vast majority have none, and the slower they are to catch up, the steeper the road will be; however, it’s not too late to start. A few steps to adopting AI in your business:


  1. Understanding what AI is all about. Take the time to become familiar with what AI can do.
  2. What problem will AI solve in my business? Think about how you can combine AI capacities to existing products and services; solving business difficulties or provide provable value.
  3. Consultants are worthy. A small team can make a huge difference. Once the fundamental structure is in place, it is time to bring in the experts to move something substantial forward.
  4. Start small and incorporate AI in monthly, weekly and eventually daily tasks. Apply AI to a small sample of your data /product/service rather than trying to deal with a bigger platform than your business possibly able to handle.