The first ever 48-nation World Cup will take place in North America in 2026; USA, Canada and Mexico. All three venues in Canada and Mexico could get the nod, along with 10 from the USA; picked from 20+ candidates. Most of the venues in the United States will be NFL stadiums, with the home of the New York Giants and New York Jets expected to host the World Cup grand final on July 12, 2026. The first World Cup with 48 teams will also have 80 games instead of the current 64.

“Bearing in mind the constantly changing circumstances with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, FIFA and the host associations are aiming to start the venue visits in the candidate host cities at the beginning of July,” FIFA said.

Officials would visit venues only if the health and safety situation in the host countries allows them to. Qatar, the 2022 World Cup Host, is practicing very strict measures while maintaining FIFA health protocols. “Provided the aforementioned venue visits are conducted, FIFA and the host associations aim to have the host cities appointed by the FIFA Council in the last quarter of 2021,” Fifa added

“Realizing the commercial potential of each venue, as well as in terms of sustainability, human rights and event legacy, is of the utmost importance,” FIFA said.